Financing Options

Financing Available For:

  • Homes
  • Land
  • Condominiums
  • Construction
  • Commercial
  • Project Developement

Raw Land / Undeveloped Property Loans

Raw land loan is financing for undeveloped land.

Raw land loan financing enables your business to take advantage of excellent deals on land where you can build commercial property. With the financing in place you can purchase property in good locations for the right price, and save money down the road.

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Before investing in raw land, it is essential to ask oneself these questions:

o Why are you buying the land?

o What purpose do you have in mind it?

o Are you going to build a home, purchase a lot for retirement or else for investment?

o Will you acquire considerable acreage for farming or subdivision in related activities?

o Do you want commercial, residential, recreational or agricultural land?

o Are there any environmental restrictions? Be extremely careful to check to see if your property has rivers, mangrove swamps, or virgin forrest.

o Get a copy of the "Uso de Suelo" or master plan for your property. This will tell you what type of improvements you can build, density, height restrictions, etc..

Benefits to Raw Land

1. Raw Land has the potential to experience tremendous appreciation if bought in the way of growth, or if a higher and better use can be achieved for it.

2. Owner financing can usually be obtained through the seller at below-market rates.

3. Subdividing the raw land can create added value and provide for immediate returns.

4. Privacy and pride of ownership of the raw land can provide a secure feeling to the holder.

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