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Financing / Loan Options in Costa Rica

An overly generous Mother Nature blessed Costa Rica with its pristine biodiversity, abundant wildlife, and a nearly perfect climate which can be found only a few places in the world. Costa Rica (Spanish for “Rich Coast”) is an adventurer’s paradise and among the top investment and vacation destinations in the world. Whether vacationing or purchasing your dream home, you will be captivated with an infectious love for la Pura Vida, (Spanish for “The Pure Life”). It encapsulates the pervading ideology of living in peace, and in a calm, unflustered manner, appreciating a life surrounded by nature, friends and family. It is the quintessential element offered in this magical place called Costa Rica.

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In the past, trying to purchase real estate in Costa Rica has been a cash only transaction for foreigners. Your only options were to either have the cash, or try to obtain the funds by refinancing one of your properties back home with a second mortgage or a HELOC (Home Equity Line of Credit). Regardless, trying to get approved for a home loan from a bank in Costa Rica was almost impossible.

Today, Luxe Investment Group offers some of the best home loan mortgage programs for those interested in purchasing a house, condominium or land (lot) in Costa Rica. We have developed strong and unique business relationships with the local Costa Rica banks to offer new and exciting home loan programs designed specifically for citizens in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, and other countries. You do not have to be a Costa Rican resident to purchase real estate in Costa Rica. If you own proeprty in the United States, we can evaluate your financial situation and recommend any options that may be beneficail to achieving your goals. We also offer many different loan programs through banks in the United States as well. When you are ready to purchase real estate in Costa Rica, Luxe Investment Group offers a variety of loan options for you to select so you can own real estate in this amazing place.

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The loan programs currently available are purchases, cash-out refinances, rate-and-term refinances, and construction-to-permanent loans. We will review the different loan programs available specifically for your loan scenario and assist with selecting the best financing option. Title insurance is available through the title company of your choice. The home loan application process is a very similar experience as if you were trying to obtain a home loan in the United States. We can obtain a pre-approval for your loan scenario in 24-72 hours. Once all of the required loan documentation is submitted to the bank, the loan approval process is usually less than four weeks.

The home loan mortgage programs currently available enable you to get you involved as an investor in the hot Costa Rica real estate market. As an owner, investor, or partner, you will be able to take advantage of future price appreciation over time. You will be able to enjoy your investment for as long as you would like with the option to sell the property at any time and cash in the equity of your investment.

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Whether you are looking to invest in real estate, purchase a second home, or retire in Costa Rica, Luxe Investment Group is ready to provide you the knowledge, customer service and professionalism you would expect for any real estate transaction. We provide financing options for the entire country of Costa Rica. Within the United States, our lending affiliate is an approved Mortgage Broker signed up with over 250 banks and licensed in 50 states providing residential and commercial financing.

We can help guide you with investing in Costa Rica by rolling your existing IRA or 401(k) account into a Self-Directed IRA and it is penalty free. Also, did you know all the income generated through the Self-Directed IRA will be either tax-deferred or possibly tax-free? Ask us for more details. Combined with our relationships with many banks and our creative financing options, we are here to assist you with your purchase or refinance in this tropical paradise. Thank you for choosing Luxe Investment Group!