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Costa Rica Real Estate Loans - Banks / Private

Luxe Investment Group offers many types of loans for home buyers, current homeowners, as well as developers in Costa Rica. We offer loans to purchase or refinance lots, homes and condominiums as well as construction loans. If you are a developer, we offer acquisition, construction and permanent financing. We work with a variety of banks in Costa Rica as well as international institutions.

We also work with private investors who can fund quickly with less red tape than required by the banks. Most banks require permits and/or a presales contract to qualify for a loan, but our private money sources can fund your project in the early stages until you qualify for a bank loan. If you are subdividing your property, we can offer you partial release clauses for your lot or condo buyers so you can release those parcels as they get sold.

Luxe Investment Group Finance has finance specialists and attorneys with over 25 years experience in the industry. We have a complete staff of processors, appraisers and financial underwriters to quickly process your loan and expedite the tedious process of working with the banks.

Costa Rica hotel project and developer loans, both bank and private money

Financing Real Estate in Costa Rica

Time is of the essence on any real estate transaction, whether in Costa Rica or other countries. The simplest way to finance property in Costa Rica would be to finance it directly with the owner. However, most sellers do not want to carry paper and are not willing to allow the buyer a lot of time to secure financing. Getting preapproved on your loan enables you to negotiate a better deal on your lot or condo

Costa Rica real estate loans - home and condominium mortgages
Until recently, financing real estate in Costa Rica has not been easy or the terms have not been very favorable. Costa Rican banks are finally coming up with lower rates and longer terms and a more streamlined loan process. Mortgage interest rates tend to be a little higher when financing real estate in Costa Rica as compared to North American mortgage lenders, but with the usually higher value through appreciation rates and/or high rental income of properties in Costa Rica, financing your real estate can still bring positive cash value to your investments.

We work with several banks in Costa Rica for real estate financing in Costa Rica and highly recommend their advanced real estate financing / mortgage products. They have tailored real estate loan programs to meet the needs of non-residents and investors alike. Application requirements are similar to those in the United States, but language barriers, customs and specific idiosyncrasies that can happen in any foreign country can complicate the process. We work with independent appraisers who will give you a fair evaluation of your property.Our legal department will review all legal documents and advise you on the best way to hold title, make sure that the property that you are acquiring is free of liens and other encumbrances, and suitable for the type of development that is desired.

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